Doreen Goes Microscopic – The Invisible Girl 2

The Invisible Girl returns for a second (and final?) time as our titular virgin joins a steamy threesome and experiences pleasures so intense that she shrinks until she is literally too small for the human eye to see!


Synopsis: Doreen, the incredible shrinking virgin, didn’t know what to do when her roommate Megan snuck a man in against the rules. All she knew was that hearing the two of them fooling around got her hot and bothered, and she started to shrink. Now she’s been caught spying on them… and they want her to join the fun! Just how small will Doreen get before the night is over?

The-Invisible-Girl_02-cover The-Invisible-Girl_02-preview

Release Date: October 1st, 2019

Written By Cezar Nix (based on a story by Raso719)

Artwork By: Hmage

Tags: shrinking process, shrinking out of clothes, masturbation, pleasure, sex, half size, doll size, micro, threesome, lesbian

Series Link: The Invisible Girl

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