One-night Shrink – Cat and Mouse

Shrink Fan is proud to release the first issue of the new decade’s first comic: Cat & Mouse, the story of a woman who picks the wrong man to end her night with and pays for it… inch by inch!


Synopsis: After meeting Thomas in a bar, Jeri joins him in his apartment upstairs for some passionate sex. Little does she know that his sexual prowess is due to a spell that gradually makes her smaller. She tries to leave earlier than he wants her to, but she might be getting too small to escape at all. Who’ll be playing whom in their ultimate game of Cat and Mouse?

cat_and_mouse-cover Cat-and-Mouse_01-page

Release Date: January 1st, 2020

Written By Scidram

Artwork By: X geek

Tags: shrinking, shrinking woman, shrunken woman, process, shrinking out of clothes, m/f, sex, magic

Issue Link: Cat and Mouse

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