Mad Science Fair Malfunction – Grading On a Scale

A malfunctioning science fair project causes two MILFs and a vindictive teacher to slowly shrink until they’re the size of dolls in the latest Shrink Fan one-shot: Grading On a Scale!


Synopsis: As Valley Central High gears up for its annual science fair, struggling senior Donna resorts to sabotaging the electromagnetic device belonging to science whiz and fellow senior Kimberly, activating it in front of their bickering moms, Paula and Tammy, and the uptight Principal Virginia. Realizing the three women have begun to shrink, can Donna and Kimberly work together to keep the situation secret and reverse the process… or will this year’s fair go down as the most bizarre ever?

grading_on_a_scale-cover grading-on-a-scale_preview

Release Date: July 1st, 2020

Written By: RogueScholar

Lineart By: Michela Da Sacco

Color By: Ruben Curto

Tags: shrinking, shrunken woman, unaware shrinking, multiple shrunken women, shrinking out of clothes, handheld, science

Issue Link: Grading On a Scale

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