Saving Big – Clearance Sale: Every Inch Must Go

A demonstration of a clothes-resizing product goes extremely wrong (right?) in our newest must-have item! Check out Clearance Sale: Every Inch Must Go, now available at all Shrink Fan locations!


Synopsis: The newest product for the hit shopping channel “That’s Amazingly Fantastic!” promised the impossible: resize any outfit to any body type. What it accidentally delivered on-air was even more shocking: resize anybody! Host Deena Mitchell thought her clever, last-minute spin on the disaster would just minimize the damage to the show, but her pitch turns the failure into a smash hit. Soon, sales are growing as fast as the customers are shrinking! However, unable to deter the increasingly passionate fans, Deena may find herself a victim of her own success…

cover page

Written By: RogueScholar

Artwork By: WantedWaifus

Tags: shrinking, shrunken woman, multiple shrunken women, slow shrink, half-size, doll-size, shrinking out of clothes, micro, female muscle, science

Pages: 15 + 1 cover

Issue Release Date: February 1st, 2021

Issue Link: Clearance Sale: Every Inch Must Go

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