Shrinking Out of Control – Small Fortune 2

Everyone’s favourite shrinking thief returns in Small Fortune 2, but this time around she’s facing the most unfortunate and perilous complication possible: her size-changing powers are no longer within her control!


Synopsis: Kelly Salinas, cat burglar extraordinaire, has enjoyed great success thanks to the size-changing power of her magic ring. But when she finds herself shrinking against her will, the ring suddenly refuses to work for her. Is she losing control of the magic? Can she get herself back to normal? And how many times will she embarrass herself by falling out of her clothes at some fancy event?

small_fortune_2___malfunctioning_magic_by_shrink_fan_comics-dbrybeg slow_shrinking_salinas_by_shrink_fan_comics-dbrybea

Release date: February 1st, 2018

Written by: Cezar Nix

Artwork by: LWJ (Sedna Studio)

Tags: Shrinking, shrunken woman, sex, nudity, caged, magic

Series Link: Small Fortune

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