Super (Tiny) Models – A Little Competition

Shrink Fan gives reality TV a fetish-friendly twist in A Little Competition: a one-shot satire about the lengths three beauty pageant contestants will go to fulfil their dreams (and the heights they unknowingly risk in the process)!


Synopsis: On the hit reality show America’s Beautiful Babes, beautiful women compete for the chance to earn fame, glory, and a modeling contract. For the finale, only three contestants remain, and the producers have added a new twist: if a contestant’s confidence wavers, she’ll lose not just points with the judges, but also some of her height! There will be alliances! There will be betrayals! But who will be crowned America’s Most Beautiful Babe?! And will they have a small enough crown to place on her head?! Tune in tonight at 9/8 central!

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Release date: April 1st, 2018

Written by: Meri May

Artwork by: Churin (AlterComics)

Tags: shrinking, process, shrinking out of clothes, doll-size, micro, breast reduction, f/f

Issue Link: A Little Competition

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