All Dolled Down – The Littlest Sister

Shrink Fan rings in the new year with The Littlest Sister, a new comic about a sorority girl who uses a birthday wish to get her ideal body… and comes up short.


Synopsis: Due to a poorly worded birthday wish, one of the Sigma Eta Rho girls has become the sorority’s littlest sister—she’s literally become the size of a fashion doll. The other girls go to great lengths as they care for and protect her. College can be a challenge, especially when you’re only twelve inches tall! Can she find a way to grow back while maintaining her grades and social life?

the_littlest_sister___shrunken_woman_on_campus_by_shrink_fan_comics_dco2up9-fullview fashion_doll_body_birthday_wish_by_shrink_fan_comics_dco2tvt-fullview

Release date: January 1st, 2019

Written by Scidram

Artwork by: Melek (AlterComics)

Tags: shrinking woman, process, shrinking out of clothes, magic, doll-size

Issue Link: The Littlest Sister

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