Just a Small Town Girl – Goin’ Down on the Farm

Sexy country girl Daisy Sue and muscular farmhand Zeke have hit it off recently – but Farmer Johnson is overly protective of the young lady. So, when he gets drunk one night, the two seize the opportunity for some alone time! But Daisy falls victim to a strange magic, and she finds the task of pleasing her lover to be a big one… and getting bigger by the minute!

Synopsis: Daisy Sue and Zeke sneak up to the barn’s loft while Farmer Johnson is passed out from drinking too much moonshine. During their little roll in the hay, Zeke gets more and more aroused as Daisy Sue gets littler and littler. How small will she be at sunrise? And what exactly did the fortune teller at the county fair tell the farmer that night?

Written By: Scidram

Artwork By: Hmage

Tags: shrinking, shrunken woman, process, shrinking out of clothes, loose clothes, sex, blowjob, magic

Pages: 15 + 1 cover

Issue Release Date: January 1st, 2024

Issue Link: Goin’ Down on the Farm

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