Tempest in a Teacup – A Midsummer Nightmare

A Shakespeare production becomes a whole new kind of show when the mischievous Puck casts a size-changing spell on two of the women in the cast! Now the actresses are in for A Midsummer Nightmare as they shrink and grow out of their outfits in front of a live audience!

Synopsis: When the real prankster fairy Puck turns up at a production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, he decides to play a trick of his own on the actors playing the lovers lost in the woods. With every height reference, the tall woman becomes taller, and the short woman shrinks – and there are a lot of references to her character’s shortness. But the show must go on, and the actress must grow down…

Written By: Mac Rome

Artwork By: Tang (Studio Arieta)

Tags: shrinking, shrunken woman, height increase, growth, process, shrinking out of clothes, clothes ripping, sex, revenge, magic

Pages: 15 + 1 cover

Issue Release Date: June 1st, 2023

Issue Link: A Midsummer Nightmare: Puck’s Premiere Prank

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Fantastical Festivities – Witches Gone Wild

In Witches Gone Wild: Pixie Party, an enchantress slowly shrinks herself to the size of a pixie so that she can enjoy a crazy week of orgies, drinks, and parties!


Synopsis: As a witch, Ivy Felps has been around pixies a lot. She’s even worked with them on occasion. So she’s noticed that they’re all athletic and extremely attractive. It’s just a shame that they’re also no bigger than six inches tall… However, when she finds a shrinking spell in an old book, she decides a “little” vacation is in order. Time to see if those rumors about their hedonistic lifestyle are true! After all, what’s the worst that could happen?

witches_gone_wild smaller_than_a_witch

Release Date: May 1st, 2020

Written By: Cezar Nix

Artwork By: FRANTIC (AlterComics)

Tags: shrinking, shrunken woman, slow shrink, shrinking out of clothes, sex, orgy, f/f, f/m, size play, mini-giantess, magic

Issue Link: Witches Gone Wild: Pixie Party

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Tiny and Tipsy – The More I Drink…

A woman finds that little sips can have big consequences in an issue-long slow-shrinking sequence brought to you by the team responsible for the fan favourite title Down with Skeptics!


Synopsis: Blake and his girl Shelley are at a carnival when she gets hit by a strange bolt of lightning. She seems unhurt, but she’s left with an uncontrollable thirst… and she soon finds that the more she drinks, the more she shrinks! Now Blake has to find a way to quench Shelley’s thirst, or at least keep her from drinking herself under the table… literally!

the_more_i_drink______shrinking_shelly_by_shrink_fan_comics-daff9s1 a_little_thirsty_by_shrink_fan_comics-daff9rv

Release date: December 1st, 2016

Written by: Cezar Nix

Lineart by: JM

Colors by: Ludwig Sacramento

Tags: Shrinking, process, shrinking out of clothes, M/f, oral sex

Issue Link: The More I Drink…

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