Size Hammer Time – Lucky Mallet

Japanese folklore meets urban fantasy in Lucky Mallet: the story of an unlikely hero, the best friend she secretly lusts for, and the size-changing demoness who wishes to destroy them both!


Synopsis: College student Momo Keller thinks that exams are the biggest problem she’ll have this year. That is, until she becomes the unwitting guardian of an ancient magical artifact! Now Momo and her crush, Karen, will have to face a powerful entity who wants to take the artifact for herself… and thanks to some size-changing magic, Momo may find her problems getting “bigger” than she ever imagined!

lucky_mallet-cover demoness_dwindling_defences

Release date: July 1st, 2019

Written by: Jack Hall

Artwork by: Hmage

Tags: shrinking, shrinking women, shrunken women, fast shrinking, slow shrinking, unwilling shrinking, growth, giantess, action, half-size, doll size, magic

Issue Link: Lucky Mallet

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