Small Minds, Smaller Bodies – Down With Skeptics!


When a renowned skeptic challenges her TV audience to prove magic is real, a magician takes her up on it in a big- but very small- way!


Synopsis: When a renowned skeptic and professional debunker goes on national TV to prove that magic isn’t real, she incurs the wrath of a real magician, who comes up with a clever way to simultaneously show that magic is real and cut her down to size.

Written by: Qzar
Lineart by: JM Valenzuela
Colors:  Manikan Gludz
Tags: Shrinking, shrinking woman, shrinking out of clothes, unaware, humiliation, child size, toy size, magic
Pages: 15 + 1 cover

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Dwindling Defender – Introducing Undertoe!


To kick off the launch of Shrink Fan Comics, we’re proud to introduce the world’s newest- and smallest- superheroine, Undertoe!


Synopsis: After a catastrophic accident, scientist Paula Fadeyushka is shrinking out of control. She manages to slow, but not stop, the process. Now the size of an insect and super-strong, Paula uses her condition to aid the public as the heroine the media call Undertoe. But Paula is still shrinking, and there’s no telling when– or if— it will stop.

Written by: Mac Rome
Artwork by: Oscar Celestini
Pages: 15 + 1 cover

Coming Soon to Shrink Fan Comics!