A Song of Strength and Shrinking – Birdsong Rising

There’s a new hero in town, and she packs a lot of dynamite into a small package! Check out the superhero action (and sexy fun) in the debut issue of Birdsong Rising!


Synopsis: When a young woman gains the ability to shrink, project intense sound waves, and glide, she becomes the superheroine Birdsong. Her song is one of triumph and tragedy. How does it end?

Birdsong-Rising_01-logo-socialmedia Birdsong-Rising_01-page-socialmedia

Written By: Mac Rome

Artwork By: Victor Serra

Tags: shrinking, shrunken woman, superheroes, doll-size, multiple shrunken women, elongating neck, rubbergirl, shrinking out of clothes, shrunken woman on penis, cum shower, pleasure, m/f, sex, science

Pages:15 + 1 cover

Issue Release Date: December 1st, 2021

Issue Link: Birdsong Rising

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Shrinking Stress With Sex – Better Night

An overworked woman gets to experience the simple pleasures of a doll’s life with the help of her loving husband in Shrink Fan‘s latest and sexiest one-shot: Better Night!


Synopsis: Julie comes home from an exhausting bad day at work, looking to relax. So does her husband, James, who has a special gift for her that’ll make sure her day gets better.


Release date: October 1st, 2016
Written by: Ami-doll
Artwork by: LRC (Sedna Studio)
Tags: Couple, shrinking woman, man licking tiny vagina, woman rubbing on giant penis, doll clothes, doll house, doll
Issue Link: Better Night

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