The Witching Hour – True Desire 2

Halloween may be over now, but that doesn’t mean that the season’s spirit has been fully exorcised just yet! Shrink Fan invites you to download the second half of True Desire and enjoy the erotic witchy goodness!


Synopsis: Sera and Mallory have discovered, to their dismay, that their magic potions have gone awry. Now they’re both half-sized and getting smaller! They return to Jennie’s magic shop for help… but can they trust her?

true_desire_2___shrinking_sera_and_micro_mallory_by_shrink_fan_comics-dcilhdb shrinking_out_of_control_by_shrink_fan_comics-dcilh3v

Release date: November 1st, 2018

Written by: Meri May

Lineart by: Vincenzo Sansone

Color by Ruben Curto

Tags: shrinking, process, shrinking out of clothes, doll-size, micro, f/f

Series Link: True Desire

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